Nct reaction to you crying during a fight

Please request again! During his turn to blurt out nonsense to you, you then felt tears rush down your face as you would fall to the ground, blank. I think he would be muttering all the problems he had in this world and you would start to grow hurt, thinking about your dad and he would see this.

The two of you would be yelling and suddenly you remembered that one memory between you and your dad that stopped you in between your words. You wanna let it out.? When the two of you were just yelling every problem in the world as if it was your fault or his, you would soon feel everything fall on you.

The heated argument took a big turn when you suddenly hold on to the desk next to you for support, weak and pained. Definitely would be another petty fight you two were sharing but the thought of arguing brought you to an abrupt stop, teary-eyed as you sat on the floor.

nct reaction to you crying during a fight

Donghyuk would stop when he saw you hold your head in pain. Are you okay? The two of you were just both misunderstanding each other and when Chanwoo suddenly stopped talking to see your heavy breathing, deeply in pain.

Everything okay?

Answer: Love myself, Love yourself.

Everything is okay, just relax with me, alright? You okay?! Hey, hey, come here. Anonymous asked: Stigma was great! Is there any chance of a sequel?

Possibly :. See this in the app Show more.Hope you guys liked it! Originally posted by ariescults. He called you and canceled the third lunch date both of you planned. You booked a room within the restaurant so both of you could eat and spend some time in peace. You sighed and left the restaurant without buying anything.

Unable to resist you ordered takeaways for both of you. Happy with your purchase, you made your way to his studio. He was working on a song when you entered his studio, you cleared your throat and without looking at you he just greeted you. You sighed and left the food you bought, pleading him to eat before leaving. You were so excited, you could barely focus on anything so you decided to leave work early that day.

Without realizing you fell asleep on the couch and the next moment you woke up, it was He smiled at you and without saying a word, he went straight into the toilet to take a shower. He sat at the dining table and started eating his dinner quietly.

You could sense he was worried about something, he was awfully quiet and he has been distant the past couple of days. We are all tired. You seem a little tense? I got back home from a long day and I just want to mindlessly do nothing. Why are you probing so much huh?

No what tell me. You blinked in shock, horrified Jungkook would ever think of you that way. Stop trying to baby me and stop trying to pry every detail out of me.

Sometimes I wish you would just shut up and leave me alone. You felt a sharp, stabbing pain in your chest and it felt like the world around you was crumbling down.Originally posted by taeilsgirlfriend. I thought I taught you better? Originally posted by nct-rain. He would also be en emotional wreck. A mix between Taeyong and Johnny.

This boy would totally worship you in your relationship. Therefore, seeing you crying like this, would set the tears off. Originally posted by pawjohnny. Johnny would pick you up gently, bringing you to bed. Originally posted by nakamotens. He knew how you were feeling because he had the same problems too. The stress of being an idol and then rarely seeing you anymore was difficult for him to keep inside; therefore, when he found out you were also crying because of this, the tears would be hard to hold back.

Originally posted by moonyutae. Although he may come across sometimes a little arrogant, but I see him being very emotionally attached to his partner. His heart would shatter when he saw you crying on the floor. Originally posted by hansoulji. Originally posted by nctuhohahyes. Sunshine Doyoung would kiss you all over your face, completely forgetting the reason you were fighting.

Obviously this worked, and within the hour, you were back to your usual self. Originally posted by jaehyunsource. Jaehyun would stand there in utter shock watching you cry.Interrupting you, he took a step closer as he rose his voice in defiance- For a split moment you felt threatened and took a step back, shrinking away from him.

When you look upset or sorry, he wants nothing more than to reunite the two of you in a warm embrace T T.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Feeling annoyed by his pestering about your private life and affairs, you turn from him to leave, when he reaches out to grab your elbow. He was just gesturing a bit wildly like he usually when trying to explain something vehemently… When he got fed up that is that you were missing his point.

He can get a bit physical when frustrated, but never towards you or other people, more just like objects, kicking a door or screaming into a pillow if that upset.

Irritated and done, he probably slapped a cabinet shut from beside him, the loud shutter racking through your figure as well as you jumped a bit.

nct reaction to you crying during a fight

Like I said, give him time to link things up before his tensed shoulders are falling, his hardened expression seeming to melt off before he murmurs an apology. Reaching out for your hand, he feels his heart literally break in half when you draw your hand out of reach on instinct. His head dropped to your hand before making its way toward your shoulder. Resting his forehead upon your shoulder he did nothing but bask in the silence. Taeyong: Honestly…?Coups: It would be your first fight and neither of you would know what to expect from the other.

He immediately reigned himself in and regained his cool but tears were already pricking at your eyes as you gaped up at him, not knowing who it was that stood before you right now.

You guys would probably have a far more reasonable conversation after that, working through whatever the problem was.

And so you and Jeonghan would probably be having the worst fight of your entire relationship and you guys would be screaming profanities at each other. Even if he did yell though, even before he saw you cry he would sober, realizing that he needed to calm down. Jun seems like the kind of person who never raises his voice, so for him to do so would surprise even him. The sobering would only speed up if he saw tears in your eyes.

nct reaction to you crying during a fight

He seems like the type to just pull your head into his chest and sigh to himself, holding you. Communication is the key to relationships or the heart of relationships— whatever you know what I mean! And this kid finally sees clearly like oh no… tears, those are tears, I caused those tears oh no. Wonwoo: The type of man that is probably really good at the silent treatment. Like you both probably had a very passive aggressive back and forth until a silent cold war began in the house.

You wanted to be understanding but you had limits too. Luckily it was a day off for you that day but you were supposed to spend it going on a date with Seokmin. When you cancelled on him with a really flimsy excuse, he immediately went to your place. His hand would hover over the door but he pulled it back and just fished out his spare key to your apartment, not knowing what was wrong with you and not wanting to make you get up if you were sick or something.

Walking in on you clutching your pillow for dear life, sobbing your heart out would make him panic in all sorts of ways. Calm down. And its frustrating for you. You two have a very bad communication situation please work on that. You tell me to calm down and then we pretend everything is just dandy! You grow as a couple tbh. Am I not human? But then Minghao is cupping your face and walking close till he can rest his forehead on your comfortably.

Pinky promise. I dunno man. Your fight would probably pause with you telling him to forget it and walking out on him. I just. Its not annoying my head just hurts right now???? Index Ask Grid Theme Links. Rules Masterlist Drabble list.I decided to add their angry face at the top when they are yelling and the one below of their reaction of them slapping you. You and Jin were in a serious argument, both your faces were red from yelling.

You both were breathing heavily looking at each other. Jin glared at you. You are always, always talk over me! You crossed your arms, yelling back at him. Jin rolled his eyes and decided to walk away, you followed him grabbing his arm pulling him abck. He turned around and slapped you hard. Your face stayed to the side as you bought up a hand to your bruised cheek.

Jin eyes widened. Jin callosped onto his knees, running a hand though his hair clenching. Namjoon had been drinking, he came home drunk the whole week. You had just enough of it, so when he came in. What did I do wrong?

NCT 127 & TenKunSol reaction to you breaking down and crying during an argument

Have fun? You are not even my wife and you are fucking talking shit. YOu grabbed the drink before he got to it. Fucking give me the drink! Your eyes widened so did his.

NCT Emotional/Crying moments

He looked at you. He grabbed your wrist shaking a bit, tears threatening to come out. Namjoon grabbed the drink throwing it at the wall running a hand though his hair.

He sat up his fist clench. Fucking say it again! His hand went straight across your face, your eyes widened as you held your cheek. I-I am so sorry. Suga looked down kicking the table running a hand though his hair.

Hoseok was coming home after dancing. It was very late around 4 am, he had been over working himself and just wanted to go in bed. BUt as soon he walked though the door you were at his throat for staying out so late. Him being tired started to get angry and you both were yelling.

I have to practice, so I can be the best I can be. Then you started to talk about him dancing was getting in the middle of you two.Thanks for the request!

I love you. Originally posted by yourpinkpill. Hobi instantly starts to sob and holds you so tightly. He hates fighting with you but sometimes his anger gets the best of him. He gently rocks you in his arms and strokes your hair and sprinkles kisses across your cheeks and lips. Originally posted by pastelyoonseok. Oh boy. He gently pushes you off of him and storms off. You two make up later and hug it out. Originally posted by mvssmedia. Jin is a little bit like Jimin.

He holds you by your upper arm and pushes you back a little, still holding onto you.

nct reaction to you crying during a fight

He speaks to you softly, looking into your eyes. We can cuddle after, okay? Originally posted by jiminahhh. Originally posted by jeonbase. Tears prick at his eyes as he holds you and whispers apologies in your ear since he was the one who started to yell at you for breaking a clock.

You hugging him calmed him down and made him notice how he could of been spending the time he spent yelling at you loving you instead. He would randomly say things he wanted to say later on though. Originally posted by sugutie. Originally posted by sugutie Send Requests! Rules Here! Masterpost Here! Posted 2 years ago with notes Tagged: request bts senarios bts imagines bts gifs rap monster v jin jimin suga j-hope jungkook kim namjoon kim taehyung kim seokjin park jimin min yoongi jung hoseok jeon jungkook bts fluff bts requests.


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